Next Step

Next Step

At Free Life , we want to make it simple for you to connect with us and take your next step on your spiritual journey. That’s why we offer one simple event, our Membership 101 Class, where we talk about what we believe as a church and how you can get involved. It happens on the 1st Sunday of each month, at 5pm in the Room 103, You can sign up to attend the next one here.


At Free Life , membership is synonymous with involvement. That means that it is more than just putting your name on a list. This class will show you how membership and ministry connect. Membership 101 App



At our Membership 101 class, we will teach you about all of the amazing ministries at Free Life and how you can be a part of our team by volunteering.


3. JOIN A LifeGroup

Life is at it’s best when you have healthy friendships. That’s what small groups are all about, building relationships with other people who are choosing the same path. Our LifeGroups are environments where you get to know other believers and grow in your faith.


If you’re ready to take your next step and be a part of our church family, join us at our next Membership 101!

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