Jeff Stanford

Bishop Jeff Stanford

Pastor Jeff 2016

Jeff Stanford is widely known as a strong Bible preacher, emphasizing revival and evangelism. He has conducted hundreds of evangelistic campaigns throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries since 1990. He has devoted his ministry to touch the lives of all those who are lost and hurting with a message of love and hope, found through salvation and deliverance in Jesus Christ

Jeff has traveled around the world as an evangelist, preaching to thousands and leading hundreds of lost souls to Jesus Christ. His crusades frequently launch long-lasting revivals. With his ability to communicate the Gospel with truth and enthusiasm, he touches countless lives.

Jeff is a native of Boaz, AL, and was converted to Christ at the age of sixteen.  He married his teenage sweetheart, Joy. They have two daughters, two sons in laws, three beautiful granddaughters and two grandsons.

God has given both Jeff and Joy a divine love for souls. He has created within the two of them a passion for helping people transform their very existence. Jeff and Joy know the worth of just one soul and are committed to continue being obedient to the calling God placed on them over 25 years ago. Truly, Jeff Stanford is a man with a call on his life and a commitment in his heart to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ.