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Revive. Revive. Revive. We as Christians hear this word often and more so now than ever before. We hear it in our churches, we hear it amongst fellow believers, we hear it across denominations, we hear younger pastors say it, we hear older pastors say it. Revive. The church is longing for a revival, a revival that we have never seen before. We have heard this word so much, but have we forgotten its meaning?

To revive something is to bring it back to life. We want so bad to experience revival and ask God to revive our churches and our own spiritual lives, but we can’t admit why we need revival. We allow our inner spirit to lie in a comatose state, but never admit that anything is wrong.

The first step to seeing a revival is to admit that our spiritual walk, or the spiritual condition of the church, is either dead or on life support. A first responder will not show up to revive an individual if they never receive a phone call. It is our job and our duty as the church to come before the Father and admit to Him why we need revival. In the valley of dry bones, Ezekiel was surrounded by the skeletons of people who have long been dead. God asks Ezekiel if these bones could live again. Ezekiel responded simply with “You know.” At that moment, Ezekiel not only acknowledged the power and omniscience of God, he also admitted that the skeletons were dead and in need of revival.

God commanded Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones and the bones came together, but there was no breath in them. As the body of Christ, we are the bones. Believers of all denominations, backgrounds, races, political preferences, and whatever else that may keep us divided need to come together and be the body that the Bible commands us to be. Although the bones were together and had become a whole body again, they still had no life. They still needed revival.

Once again, God commanded Ezekiel to prophesy, this time to the breath. Ezekiel did as God commanded and the Breath, the Wind, the Spirit, the Ruach of God was breathed into the bones and they became alive once again. They were revived. There is no life without the breath of God breathing into a situation. Before Adam was alive, God had to breathe into him to make Him a living human being.

If we want to see revival, we have to admit why we need revival, come together as one body, and allow God to breathe His life into our situation.

Jonah Miller
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