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Returning to Prayer

Returning to Prayer Tuesday I left my house with Judah in tow to head to the gym. Cause let’s be honest, these at-home workouts are just not cutting it. After pulling out of my neighborhood I realized I left my headphones at home. So I turned around and headed back. I knew returning home would be […]

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Returning as the Church

Returning as the Church   We are the church love is building, but we are more than a building! You and I are full of so much purpose! Our walks in life can be difficult when trials are coming from every direction. Even then, God is at the center of it all. There may be […]

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Returning to God

Returning to God   We’ve all been struggling the past few months with the pandemic that has tried to cripple the whole world. The governments have tried their best to step in and save us all in one way or another. They basically closed down the entire country with a few exceptions. During that time […]

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Returning to the Word Have you ever had a really bad dream that was so real you didn’t even realize it was a dream? Picture this, you’re standing on a ledge, no way to get down, no way off of the ledge…then suddenly one small gust of wind blows and you feel yourself slip off […]

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Take Up the Sword of Worship

God is saying, you are a soldier, and you have been well equipped, and well trained, for especially times like this! God is saying, don’t sit down, don’t back off, don’t resign, don’t retreat, don’t give up, But “take up the sword” of worship! 1. Combat Fear with Fasting Fasting is an aggressive way to affirm […]

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God’s Good Favor

God’s Good Favor “For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.”  Psalm 5:12      God’s favor surrounds you like a shield.  It doesn’t matter what the circumstances look like in your life. Regardless of how many people tell you it can’t be done, if you’ll […]

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