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Changing our Words

Have you ever been driving to go somewhere and then all of a sudden you realize that you’re 5 miles past the road that you should have turned on? Yeah, this happens to me all the time, I like to call it “mom brain” but in reality, it’s called allowing myself to be distracted. So now, the schedule that I was on has to be re-worked because I will be late to my destination. Now, I have to change directions, I have to find another road to lead me to where I need to go. Doesn’t that seem just so easy? Change directions, no problem, find another route to take me where I need to go.

Sometimes in life, we have to change directions, and it’s certainly not as easy as it sounds!

As Christians, we often wander off of the path that God has set before us. One small roadblock or distraction and we find ourselves in the middle of lies, bad attitudes, unbelief, wrongdoing, etc. There are days where I find fear creeping in, especially during this pandemic! Instead of allowing the fear to overtake me, I have to remember that in the Word it says that perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). I have sat wondering how my bills would be paid with no money in the bank, and I would have to literally plaster scripture all over my house so that I wouldn’t allow my thoughts to go to the place of worry. We have to change the directions of our thoughts, the words that we speak, our feelings, emotions, etc.

Repenting is a daily action that we must make to continue on our paths and live for God. We can’t allow gossip, hatred, or bitterness to fill our minds and even our mouths. When we start noticing these attributes in ourselves, we have to repent and change directions in our conversations.

Colossians says “Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.”

Seems easy right, no, but no one ever said it would be easy!! Christians have to be Christ-Like and I know it’s hard when you have been hurt and wounded and you want to get it off your chest, but let me tell you, the best way to do that is to take it to God in prayer and let Him deal with it for you!

We are not God, we are His servants and if we don’t repent and try to be better, we will find ourselves constantly going down the un-routed path in our lives, always making U-turns, and always late to our destination.

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