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Changing our Worship

I can only imagine the greatest love that ever existed as Jesus took upon that cross. He said “It is finished” knowing we would struggle to understand what that truly meant, and I am sure I’m not alone when I say there are days I wonder what He did mean.

Jesus does not measure our sins on this big scale we’ve made up that make some seem “unforgivable”. When He said “it is finished” He meant every sin you and I have done, are in the middle of, and will do are capable of being cleansed from our inner beings with sincere repentance to Him. That is not to say we should walk around sinning left and right while being careless because we think there will always be a chance to say “I’m sorry, Jesus”.

Truth is this earthly life is so temporary because it is after all a gateway to our Father’s eternal house, so it should be known that we could be returning to dust tomorrow or ten years from now, we just don’t know. While we have breath, we should seek the face of God and His forgiveness. We’ve all heard it in sermons on Sundays or when we stumble down the altar weighing so heavy with regret: “repent and you shall be forgiven”, and in most cases, we’ve completely underrated the word and it’s powerful meaning.  In our walks with Jesus, we often stumble upon false, man-made, assumptions that forgiveness is “so hard to reach” and even “hard to accept once we’ve asked God for it”.

Peter said in Acts 2:38 “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” Peter knew what was up!

What the Holy Spirit does upon our salvation is a win for our Christian lives! He will convict you but never condemn you as a reminder that He is a God of love and never hate. He will do it for awareness in our favor! Repentance is the necessary cleansing to continue growing in our relationship with God and alongside Him! To think our Creator loves us enough to not give up on us every single time we mess up (and let’s be real that’s a lot!) and He continues to fill our cups until they overflow with undeserved blessings is such a gracious move. Our first repentance as Christians was the moment we received salvation! We took that opportunity and we ran with it!

We all said our variations of “I know I messed up somewhere, and I am truly sorry for it, please let me live for You starting today” and that’s what opened doors of mercy and blessings rained over us! That is what “it is finished” truly means!

When the enemy wants to tell you it’s over and there is no chance of recuperating from a shameful past or present, the cross is a reminder you have the same power Jesus has to stop those thoughts! 

If you are battling today with burdens of past mistakes, or convictions with things in your present life, and have that desire in your heart to talk to God about it, waste no time in doing so! Often times I have gone in prayer with nothing but regret and He has reminded me that the presence of God is a safe place where you may come as you are but leave new! Christ says He takes every sin, with repentance, and casts them into the ocean to forget them!

Micah 7:19 says: “He will again have compassion on us; he will tread our iniquities underfoot. You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.”

When Jesus rids us from our uncleanliness it is to lighten your walk with Him! Your eternal life is ready and He is ready to make you new!

Karla Deleon
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