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Rebuilding the Altar

Many times, as Christians we tend to forget where our walk with Christ began. Most of us experienced a walk down an aisle that felt 10 miles long and seemed like there were thousands of people watching. Pews/chairs full of Christians that we thought didn’t have any problems in their lives and because we saw their perfect outfits and smiles every week, we thought they were better than us maybe. A piano player playing songs softly while the Pastor was inviting anyone who needed to come down to the altar to just let things go that have been holding you back. I remember the first step, it was the hardest, but I knew in my heart that it was the Holy Spirit nudging me and that’s how I knew it was time. Time to let go of my past and receive healing, strength, and forgiveness from my savior that I had never experienced before. That’s where it all started, after the first step, the next few that felt like more than just a few got easier. Finally, I found myself at the altar, oh what a relief it was. Now it was just me and God, I knelt down, took the fetal position and the tears began to flow. The smell of that old church carpet is one that will never leave me. The gentle touches of people’s hands on my back and their voices praying and warring for me as I gave everything to God. That’s something that sticks with you for the rest of your life.

I was restored that day, and it was the best feeling I had ever felt. Little did I know, the altar isn’t just a one-time thing. I found myself in that position at the altar many times after that and even still to this day. As Christians, we become complacent with sin in our lives. We become complacent with things that we go through and the pain that we face, so much that we let ourselves get so prideful that we don’t even feel the need to take that walk to the altar. We begin to lose our altar, not just in our church but in our hearts. Every person has an altar in their life and in those times that we just need to cry out to God we find ourselves in our altars. But as Christians, we tend to lose our altar after a while. We feel so put together that we have tricked ourselves into thinking that if we take that first step, everyone in the church will look at us as if something is wrong. Guess what, that’s okay!! We aren’t supposed to be perfect, we all sin and fall short sometimes. But we have to know that someone seeing us take just one step could help them take the step as well.

Rebuilding your altar takes work. You have to want to go deeper with God and the Holy Spirit. You have to be okay with people seeing you in an undone position. Non-believers need to see believers pour themselves out to God and let go! They need to see that we aren’t perfect, inside or outside of the church, because we aren’t!!

So next time you feel that urge, GO, RUN, lay all of your burdens down, and begin rebuilding your altar with God.

Morgan Walter
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