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Recovering All

In 1 Samuel chapter 30, we begin reading a tragic story of David. He and his men had lost a battle. The enemy came in and took all of their possessions. They took all of the wives of the men. They took their children. They took everything that was important to them and then burned the city to the ground. David was distraught by this. His two wives were taken captive. The people had lost faith in him as a leader.

The people even considered stoning David because of all they had lost that day. Rather than having a complete meltdown, David did something that we all tend to forget to do when tragedy strikes. The Bible said that David “strengthened himself in the Lord.” David pulled himself together enough to find true strength in the Lord. He sought after Him and His guidance rather than making an irrational decision. God gave David clear direction as to what to do next and David followed. David followed God’s command and took his troops to where the enemy was and attacked them. God gave them the victory and everything that was taken from them was restored to them in full.

The Bible says in verse 19 that “David recovered all.” So even though that tragedy had struck David and his people, everything that they had lost was restored to them in full. It was David’s trust and faith in God that put him in a position to have everything that was taken from him restored to him. So many times whenever we end up in a situation where we have felt like we have lost, we go into this state of “I don’t know what to do.” I choose to believe David didn’t know what to do, to begin with, either. The Bible says that they “wept until they had no more power to weep.” But David pulled himself together and called out to God for guidance and direction. Whenever we find ourselves in the midst of a tragedy, we need to take the time to cry out to God for a clear mind and clear direction.

We shouldn’t try to do things our own way because God already has a plan laid out for us. And if we follow that plan, everything that we had lost, our peace of mind, our happiness, our joy, or anything that we haven’t felt in so long, will all be recovered and restored back to us.

Jonah Miller
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