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Rejoice like the Wise Men!

Wow! We’ve finally made it to December in 2020! This year has been complicated, to say the least.

December is the month that we celebrate our Savior’s birthday. After all the craziness of the past year, we can finally say that something good is about to happen. Every year at this time people flock to churches around the world for plays, skits, special music presentations, or other things that their loved ones are participating in. Even during all of the pandemic and threats of lockdowns, I believe that the people will still be waiting and watching for that little boy or girl to do their special part on the computer or maybe their smartphone. We’ve all had to learn about live-streaming and responding to chats instead of giving handshakes and hugs this year.

In Matthew 2:10 it says when they saw the star they were filled with joy! Can you imagine the rejoicing that the wise men were doing? These were some of the smartest men in the world and they had just found out that the Savior had been born. I can only imagine how excited they were as they rode into town to see this little baby. They had been told for years that a savior would be born and they were finally able to see it for themselves. The Bible tells us that they brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh as gifts for Jesus. You can get on the internet and find out what the symbolism of each gift is but I’m just going to tell you that Jesus doesn’t need any of that because He owns it all anyway. What He wants is to see people saved and their lives changed.

I’ve done some reading on these smart guys and everything that I have read says that they didn’t see the star and then show up at the manger the next night. They say it might have taken them a week or more even up to a couple of months for them to arrive and greet baby Jesus. I bet they had a party when they finally made it.

Let’s go outside and see the stars. Yes, it may be cloudy but you know what they look like. Granted we probably won’t see the bright star that led the way for the wise men, but we can still rejoice just like they did! Let’s take the time this season to rejoice every day like we are going to meet Jesus soon! Let’s not get all wrapped up in the commercialism that the world has turned the Christmas season into, but let’s remember the real reason for the season. We’ve got our whole lives to rejoice and celebrate the birth of Jesus so let’s start the party.

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