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Restore the Sacred

sa·cred /ˈsākrəd/adjective – connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving reverence.

I remember being a young girl growing up in a preacher’s home with revival most nights of the week. I encountered Jesus in multiple styles and with all varieties of congregations. Looking back it was truly an honor and overall incredible experience to receive as a child. There was so much deposited inside of my spirit through the years. A deep reverence for the presence of God was naturally ingrained into who I was and am today. Many times, I remember, being excited and drawn to church services, youth events, or even moments of prayer at home. I began to understand there was a certain expectation attached to the presence of God. When I felt connected to God I respected His presence and I honored that specific time I spent with Him.

The best part about serving God above any other religion or cult is knowing that the God you serve desires a relationship with you. He’s a living God who created you for the sole purpose of fellowship and communion with Him. He doesn’t just listen, he answers. He doesn’t just find you, he directs you. He doesn’t just heal you, he restores you! God is craving connection with you! He wants a sacred respected relationship with you. He wants us to live for Him every day as He shows us how.

Connection to God is the sweet spot of Christianity. If you call yourself a Christian but have never “felt” God move in your life, heart, spirit, or situation you haven’t experienced all that He has for you. Accepting Christ as your personal Savior is simply the beginning. It’s the on-ramp to a life FULL of the glorious presence and experiences with Jesus Christ. There’s a scripture in the book of Psalm that inspires me to stay connected to God. The Passion Translation says it so beautifully.

“Because you are close to me and always available,
my confidence will never be shaken,
for I experience your wrap-around presence every moment.”
Psalm 16:8

To experience the wrap-around presence of God in every moment we need to restore a sacred connection.

Robin Allen

This takes responsibility and accountability on our part. We cannot connect with God while also answering emails, checking social media, or indulging in daily distractions. Connection with God requires focus, mediation, and determination. Daily we can fill up our schedules with important to non-important activities. The enemy wants us to believe that all these things must be done and spending 20 minutes with the Lord is just NOT possible. However, we know that those 20 minutes can do more for our day than completing the to-do list.

Give yourself a daily goal that you can easily meet and start connecting with God this week. Restore the sacred relationship with your Creator by setting aside focused time to meditate on His Word and to pray and worship Him. Be determined to respect the time you have set aside by turning off your phone, stepping away from the computer, or other distractions. The Almighty God is not too busy for you! He desires to reconnect with you. Start reconnecting with Him today and experience the wrap-around presence of God daily!

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