Returning as the Church


We are the church love is building, but we are more than a building! You and I are full of so much purpose! Our walks in life can be difficult when trials are coming from every direction. Even then, God is at the center of it all. There may be moments we decide to just give in to the hopelessness, but we are never too far from the mercy and the grace God grants us as His children. Returning to the feet of Jesus should never be a shameful encounter, but the enemy (and our own minds!) loves to tell us it is so shameful to have left and fallen short in the first place.

The good news is God knew we would struggle to stay afloat! God’s word says we are all sinners and fall short from the glory of God (Romans 3:23). We are humans, but God made us vessels as well! We are called to leave footprints for the lost souls to follow us to the ultimate sacrifice that is, Jesus Christ. Our return to Jesus is the worthiest redemption. It is more than giving up the material things and the anxieties that follow us in our daily lives. It means to return to the plan God created specifically for your life and to live abundantly through Him. It means to believe in hope once more. It isn’t supposed to be this perfect moment that fixes every issue you carry. God never said we wouldn’t be challenged but that we would never be alone (Joshua 1:5, 1 Chronicles 28:20) through our challenges.

He came to this earth as one of us, so He understands every ache we do. God never asked us to be perfect, thankfully! He is after honesty, not perfection! He wants you to be real with Him and tell Him your own version of “hey, I messed up, I’m sorry, but I’m back”. He wants you to be fearless in your pursuit of Him. He is a hopeful source for humanity. When we decide to follow the world, our purpose still follows us graciously, but we are in danger! We are in danger of missing our blessings and opportunities to bless those we love and care for (and even those who have hurt us). As children of Christ, we should be excited about the return of the lost like we are for the final return of Jesus! 

It is never too late to run to the feet of our King. There is no sin too big God didn’t bleed for on the cross. Christ holds our redemption and awaits His opportunity to walk with you through this life. He wants to grant you peace this world cannot fathom of giving you!