Returning to God


We’ve all been struggling the past few months with the pandemic that has tried to cripple the whole world. The governments have tried their best to step in and save us all in one way or another. They basically closed down the entire country with a few exceptions. During that time people were out of work and some still are today. The unemployment system was inundated with people filing claims to try and get something to sustain their families through this time of uncertainty.

The churches throughout the country were closed and many were forced to try their hands at live-streams. I am thankful today for the technology that God made available for the churches to use to continue to reach their congregations. The downside is that people have grown accustomed to waking up on Sunday morning and sitting in their pajamas watching church on TV or their phones. While they are still “watching” many people are not involved in the service like they would be if they were actually in the building.

While having a government that tries to take care of it’s citizens great, it stirs up the dependency that dwells deep inside of people. While we can say we depend on God, human nature wants to see and touch results immediately. The government has the ability to cut a check for them and shoot it straight into their checking account without them having to do anything. The ability to know that the money will be in their account on a certain day at a certain time makes people that much more dependent on “Uncle Sam” to take care of them.

Why can we not have that dependency on God? In Isaiah 40:30-31 it says, “Even youths weak and tired,and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

How many times have we seen God perform miracles? How many people have been changed by His love and grace? It is time for us to stand up and return to the one that has always taken care of our needs! It is time for us to return to God and soar high like the eagles and run without getting weary! God has and always will take care of us. He has never let us down and never will. It is not in His nature to just watch us suffer. Even during times that we can’t see or feel Him we should know that He is there beside us.

Let us return to God and His will for our lives and trust that He has our best interest in mind. He set our lives in motion and knew everything about our lives before we were ever thought about. If He knows the number of the last hair that fell out of your head don’t you think He knows the challenges that we face every day?  He knows how to provide for His children better than we can provide for ourselves.