Returning to Prayer


Tuesday I left my house with Judah in tow to head to the gym. Cause let’s be honest, these at-home workouts are just not cutting it. After pulling out of my neighborhood I realized I left my headphones at home. So I turned around and headed back. I knew returning home would be the only way I could meet my current need. In this scenario, my headphones would help me achieve a more focused outlook during my workout and overall a healthier state of being.


1. Create space for God

Our homes are a place of solitude and safety. Every day we leave our homes (or at least we used to) and spend our days accomplishing a list of tasks and responsibilities. Some days upon returning home we may sink into the recliner, make a glass of sweet tea, or kiss our spouse and kids. We have spent the day serving the needs of others and returning home means resting and recharging in the atmosphere of our loved ones. We draw strength from their love and support. They help us stay grounded in our morals and values.


Return by definition literally means to come or go back to a place. Returning home physically will be all that we craft and design the atmosphere to be. Creating an emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually safe environment for our spouse and kids is paramount in how everyone in the family feels about returning home.


In the same way, creating an atmosphere of faith, peace, and energized hope in your prayer closet is paramount for how you will feel about returning to prayer. 


Create a space you will desire to come back to. Now by this, I don’t mean you need to renovate a room in your house or start a building project. Although, if that’s you, please post your before and after photos on social media. I’d love to see it! Haha!

Creating a space can be a simple as a block of time on your calendar. We each need space and time to focus on the King. For some of you, it will mean adding prayer to your bible reading time or waking up before your family. Try to view prayer as an addition to the vitality of your spirit. Your faith and vigor will be renewed when you begin to access God in prayer. So begin with a space. Whether physically or mentally, space is the first corner you take to turn around and head home.


2. Learn to care cast


Psalms 55:22 TPT So here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Leave all your cares and anxieties at the feet of the Lord, and measureless grace will strengthen you.

There are so many uncertainties in our world today. So many lines drawn and divided stands. If you and I sat for coffee we may even discover a few subjects we disagree on.

Although we are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs, those strong feelings may not be enough to change the circumstances standing in front of us. We could even go so far as to construct a well written social media post standing up for what we believe in or maybe even write a blog about it. However, the likely hood that those perfectly constructed sentences would affect any real lasting change or perhaps even sway someone else’s opposing point of view is very small. Especially in comparison to the real power we all possess in our prayer closets.


Our peace is at risk when we don’t return to prayer.


Has there ever been a time in your life when you just needed the advice of a parent? Maybe you were a child and after a long day at school, you came home to talk over your frustration from math class. Or maybe you were an adult and just needed the advice of your parents to help you process a difficult decision or situation. In any case, from childhood, we learn quickly to take our problems to our parents or a trusted adult.

God’s desire is for us to become masters at casting all our cares upon Him. Allowing ourselves to consult or vent to others before care casting to the Lord steals any opportunity for peace first. Many times venting to others only creates more stress and tension around the subject. It’s only when we feel completely overwhelmed and at our wit’s end that we decide to cast that care on the Lord.

Peace is a true sign that you’ve returned home. The table is set before you. Take a seat with the King and find your home again in His presence.


3.) Trust God to do what you cannot.


A.W. Tozer says it like this. “God is looking for those with whom He can do the impossible– what a pity that we plan only the things that we can do by ourselves.”


Life has a way of developing within us a resiliency in hard times that drives our foolish endeavors to plan and solve alone. We don’t seek out the wisdom of God. We don’t spend the time in prayer to seek the answers only God can provide. We trust our own instincts to carry us through. In this, we only accomplish what we can instead of what He can!


I remember as a child I was assigned an at-home project of designing a model rocket. I was so proud of the finished product. My rocket was sturdy, neatly painted, and exactly what I’d seen visiting the Huntsville Space & Rocket Center. However, I cannot take full credit or even half for the design and attention to detail. I enlisted the help of my amazing dad and my own ideas for this project were immediately elevated! He came alongside me and took a goal of mine far beyond my own expectations.


This is what God wants to do with our prayers. He wants to partner with our faith and not just answer prayers but, surpass all we could ask, dream, or imagine. He wants to take the desire of our hearts and turn them into realities. He can’t do this though if we only plan what we can do by ourselves. Furthermore, if we only pray for what we can accomplish alone.


Returning to God in prayer means trusting Him with what seems impossible to you.


Luke 18:27 TPT Jesus responded, “What appears humanly impossible is more than possible with God. For God can do what man cannot.”