Returning to the Word

Have you ever had a really bad dream that was so real you didn’t even realize it was a dream? Picture this, you’re standing on a ledge, no way to get down, no way off of the ledge…then suddenly one small gust of wind blows and you feel yourself slip off the ledge and you’re free-falling into the dark, scary, place that’s unknown. All at once you feel yourself jerk and wake up only to realize that it was all a dream.


This is how it feels when we are separated from Christ. You find yourself on many different ledges in life; the ones that feel like there’s no point of return in sight. You’re stuck, paralyzed by fear, anger, bitterness, regret, and sorrow. Any small movement could cause everything to crumble in an instant.


There have been times in my life where I have let things overcome me, even though I know that Christ calls me an overcomer. Times that I carried burdens alone, knowing that Christ already carried them the day he carried that heavy cross up a hill only to be hung from it. Times that I persecuted myself when I had always been taught since I was a little girl that Christ was persecuted for ME!


During those times I found myself at the same ledge, with the same ending. But each time I hit rock bottom God was the one helping me off the ledge. Each time God was leading me back to my roots, the only truth that is forever constant in my life – The Bible. Have you ever heard the saying “if you don’t know what to do, just open up your bible and God will show you”? Yeah so have I, however, it isn’t as easy as someone just telling me to do it and me going to do it.


I mean isn’t it funny, as parents, we tell our kids “I shouldn’t have to tell you more than once to do something before you go and do what I ask.” But as adults, we act like a child and do the same when we hear someone to tell us to open the Bible!! Listen, I know it’s probably 10:00 pm before you get a chance to sit down and have a few minutes to yourself but let me just give you some truth here.  Watching that tv show full of gossip, dishonesty, and who knows what else isn’t going to give you the rest and peace that you’ve been searching for. Scrolling through TikTok until 2:00 am just to laugh doesn’t bring you the joy that God can bring you through His word!


Listen, I get it, we all have the things that we do in our own time that help us relax and wind down from our crazy days but if we don’t start turning to the only TRUTH in our lives we will find ourselves spiraling so fast that we didn’t even see it coming!


In that moment of a sudden spiral, you find yourself once again on the ledge that you swore you would never go back to! Hey friends, let me share some truth…I have been there, on that same spiral!! I can tell you the only thing that saved me from hitting the bottom was The Word of God and the people that I have surrounded myself with that also know the Word of God!! We can’t do this life alone, we can’t expect to live every single day and not teach ourselves God’s word and think that everything is going to be alright, I was there, I was that person! I was doing my Christian routine, going to church, serving God and others, and that’s when it all came crashing down. It takes less than a second, just when you think you’re in the greatest place in your life, BAM, you get a rude awakening.


Let me tell you some good news, if you have a foundation in place and you have rooted yourself in God, there is a way out! I am a living testimony today that there is a way out, there is no sin too great that can keep you away! You just have to return to your Bible, take the time out each day, read God’s Word, and remind Him of His promises each morning!! Declare the word of God over your life, I promise, it will make a world of difference! So, friends, it’s time to do away with our routines, the things that we have planned for our lives and it’s time to return to God’s plan for us!