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Low places are the not so fun parts about humanity. We’re not always in a state of pure bliss. Even after accepting Christ, we quickly realize hard times still lie ahead. Fortunately, this realization comes with new strength and vigor than before, since we now have the same spirit it took to raise Christ from the dead living inside of us. Nevertheless, the low places come. Some come and go, while others, come and stay awhile. Low places are designed to keep us bound, beat down, and hopeless until we’re too weary to climb out. That’s exactly what they’ll do if we don’t learn how to come out!

Maybe you’re like David and low places have strung together at times to create a long span of time where you felt numb, empty, and disconnected from what and who gives you life and new energy. Calling out for help may be exactly what you need to restore your faith. 

Here’s how David did this:

Psalm 13 v.1

I’m hurting, Lord—will you forget me forever? How much longer, Lord? Will you look the other way when I’m in need?

How many times have we asked the Lord, how much longer? How much longer do I have to deal with this person, or this financial crisis, or this unbelieving spouse? David asked this question four times in this passage. What begins as desire for the Lord to move can easily evolve into a complaining spirit if we become impatient. 

v. 3 Take a good look at me, God, and answer me! Breathe your life into my spirit. Bring light to my eyes in this pitch-black darknessor I will sleep the sleep of death.

Skipping down to verse 3 we can see that David, still low, begins to ask God for the strength he needs. He knows he’s in a low place where he cannot see the outcome. He recognizes where he is and what he needs. So he calls upon the Lord to bring light to his eyes. He wants to be enlightened by the Spirit to see his situation the way God sees it. He’s asking for discernment and clarity of mind. No matter what situation we are in we need to call out to God to bring light to our eyes. 

v. 5 Lord, I have always trusted in your kindness, so answer me.I will yet celebrate with passion and joywhen your salvation[d] lifts me up.

Now here in verse 5, David’s situation hasn’t changed but his perspective is changing. He begins to make plans for celebration. He doesn’t know how God will deliver him from this low place but he knows God will! So he commits his praise and thanksgiving to the Lord knowing salvation lies ahead. His faith is being built up. This is why we praise before the breakthrough, we shout before the triumph, we worship before the battle! We already know what the back of the book says, We Win! Celebrate now for what you cannot see! We know God will come through so give God your very best praise every day no matter the circumstance!

v. 6 I will sing my song of joy to you, the Most High, for in all of this you have strengthened my soul. My enemies say that I have no Savior, but I know that I have one in you!

David began this solemn psalm with impatience and little hope and ended with a strong confidence in the Almighty! He’s no longer complaining but thanking the Lord for strengthening his soul and reminding him that he does have a Savior! Sometimes all we need is to stop in the middle of the dark lowly place and talk to the Lord. Tell him about our situation and then begin to remind yourself who you’re talking to. He’s the creator of the universe and the creator of you and me. He simply cannot fail you!

So here’s my last thought about coming out of low places, we can’t do it alone. Low places bring us down to a level of despair and heartache. They make us want to give up and isolate. This is why David called out to God for strength, clarity, and for a Savior! 

The first thing we must do is call out to God. We must build up our faith through prayer, worship, and the Word. Then we must reach out to others. Find that person you can lean on in hard times. Someone who won’t crawl in the hole with you but will lift you out. They’ll remind you who you are in Christ and your kingdom work. David experienced many low times; likewise, He experienced many opportunities to be saved.

Psalm 116: 5-6He was so kind, so gracious to me. Because of his passion toward me,he made everything right and he restored me. So I’ve learned from my experience that God protects the childlike and humble ones. For I was broken and brought low, but he answered me and came to my rescue!

Robin Allen

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