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Valley of Dry Bones

In Ezekiel 37 we read about the message that God gave Ezekiel for the people of Israel. Can you relate to this valley of dry bones that he was taken to? Have you ever felt so dry and withered up spiritually that you just felt like there was nothing left for you? I think it’s safe to say that even the most spiritual among us have felt that way at some time in our lives, but God is giving us the word to rise up and come back to life! I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve read this chapter or heard someone preach from it, but today as I was reading and listening to praise and worship music I felt like after all the times I’ve heard about this chapter I finally got a different view of it!

The people of Israel were held captive and they couldn’t see a way out. I can relate to them, how about you? No, we aren’t being kept as slaves or forced to work or anything crazy like that. We are in fact being held captive in our own minds, by our thoughts and worries. We are being held back by our past, our sins, our regrets, and by everything that anyone has ever said negative to us.

Cheer up though! I hear Ezekiel crying out with the Message from God! He’s calling for His people to come alive again and listen to His words and not the things from our pasts.

In verse 7 Ezekiel speaks to the bones and they stand up like a mighty army and yet they still have no breath in them. Time after time we stand up as a people like an army but yet we have no breath in us to give us life! We listen to the message that our Pastor brings every week and we get excited. We are moved by the words that God gives him, and yet we still don’t receive the breath of life that we so desperately need. Our Pastors spend time with God every day and listen to what He is saying to them just like Ezekiel was doing. Granted God doesn’t grab them and take them to a mountain overlooking a great valley literally, but He does show them the visions that they need to share with us.

We get so wrapped up in our everyday worries and work that we don’t take time to listen to what God is telling us. The time has come for us to forget about the past and even the future because God has already forgotten about what we did and He’s already there with us tomorrow. The time has come for us to hear the word of God and listen to what He is saying! It’s time to feel the winds coming to breathe life into us again so that we can not just stand up on Sunday together with all of our happy feelings but we can inhale the winds and take hold of our new lives and fight the armies of the enemy together every day with new strength and a new passion!

God is sending His message to revive His people and we are those people!

Tim Bowman
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